Traffic Citations

Las Vegas Justice Court processes any traffic citation issued outside the Las Vegas city limits and in the unincorporated part of Clark County. 

In order to comply with recent Nevada legislative changes relating to traffic citations, the Las Vegas Justice Court (LVJC) has been updating its case management system and website. If you find that you are unable to access your traffic citation online (, the citation has not yet been entered into the LVJC’s case management system. Please allow additional time for the citation to be made available online. Review the LVJC website weekly to determine whether your citation is available. 

Civil Infractions
Individuals cited for a civil infraction, issued on or after January 1, 2023, will be afforded ninety (90) calendar days from the date the citation is made available online to resolve their citation.

If you do not wish to contest your civil infraction you may make a payment online (

First citation within the last 36 months:
You may be eligible to have moving violation(s) reduced to non-moving violation(s) (Illegal Parking 0 Demerit Points) by completing a Nevada DMV approved 5-hour traffic safety course or paying a Demerit Point Reduction Fee (in addition to the civil penalty)

Eligibility of this option is NOT displayed online and you must visit the Las Vegas Justice Court’s Customer Service Division – 1st Floor Regional Justice Center. 

If you wish to contest your civil infraction, you must visit Las Vegas Justice Court’s Customer Service Division – 1st Floor Regional Justice Center. A Civil Infraction Response form must be completed and provided when going to the Customer Service Division. Click here for a copy of the form. 

Criminal Traffic Violations
Individuals cited for a criminal traffic violation may have a court date listed on their citation.  If there is a court date listed on the citation, a court appearance is required.

Criminal traffic violations that are regulatory in nature (license, registration, insurance and handicap placard violations) shall address their citation online at:  After accessing your traffic case using the above website, click the "resolve a citation and/or make a payment" button located on the top right of the screen. You will be directed to the online platform for instructions on how to register. Once logged on to the website, you will be able to enter your plea(s), resolve your case and/or make a payment

Individuals that require more immediate attention for a citation that is not in the system may appear at the Regional Justice Center, Las Vegas Justice Court, Customer Service Division, First Floor, 200 Lewis Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89155 with the citation for assistance. 

For a list of civil penalties associated with civil infraction violations, please click here

Payments are accepted in U.S. funds by mail or online:   

Pay Ticket Online:  Customers may pay tickets over the Internet by using a VISA, MASTERCARD, or DISCOVER debit or credit card.

Mail in payments: Customer may pay tickets by mailing a money order or cashier’s check (please include name and citation number) to: 

Las Vegas Justice Court
Traffic Citations
200 Lewis Avenue, 2nd Floor
P.O. Box 552511
Las Vegas, NV 89155 

Please do not send cash through the mail. If requesting a receipt for the payment, a self-addressed stamped envelope must be provided.