Pretrial Services - Posting Bail

330 S. Casino Center
1st Floor
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Contact Us:
Telephone: (702) 455-3462
Fax: (702) 455.5602

Hours of Operation:
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Who can post bail?

  • Upon booking an inmate may post his/her own bail providing he or she has the necessary funds in their property at time of booking.
  • Family members, acquaintances, or representatives may post cash bail in person with a valid ID.
  • You can contact a bail bonds agency to inquire their process of posting bonds. The court cannot recommend any specific agency.
  • Please note that those booked in as John/Jane Doe cannot post bail. Please contact the Clark County Detention Center if you are able to help identify the individual in custody.

Justice Court Bail and Surety Bond payments

Proceed to Pretrial Service inside the Clark County Detention Center to the right and down the hall

Open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • $40 filing fee must accompany cash bail payments
  • $50 filing fee must accompany surety bond posting
  • Cash payments must be in full and exact amount 
  • Visa, Discover Card and MasterCard
  • We do not accept American Express
  • Cashier's checks & money orders payable to: 
             include inmate’s name and ID number
             Personal checks are not accepted

District Court Bail

  • Proceed to The Regional Justice Center across from The Clark County Detention Center on Casino Center Blvd and Lewis. Bail will be accepted during normal business hours.
  • Cashier’s check or money order payable to

include the inmates name and ID number
Personal checks not accepted

District Court Bond - Proceed to The Clark County Detention Center reception area and advise the staff in the glass booth you are posting bond for a district court case.

After Hours District Court Cash Bail will be processed at Pre Trial Services inside the Clark County Detention Center to the right and down the hall.

Child Support Bail:

Payment Options are as follows:

  1. Pay at the CCDC Lobby Kiosk using cash, debit or credit card. You also may call the CCDC operator at (702) 671-3900 for assistance.
  2. Pay by telephone - 1-844-855-6152
  3. Pay by MoneyGram (cash) You will need the inmate's Case Number and be able to receivethe Code: 16506. Find a Money Gram location or call 1-800-926-9400.
  4. Pay using the QR Code - Pay with a credit/debit card, by PayPal, PayPal Credit or Venmo. 


The Clark County Detention Center Records Department must receive a printed copy of the payment receipt.  Payment receipt must include the following:  Inmate name, Inmate ID, Case number and UPI number.

All information can be retrieved from CCDC website:

For further information contact:

Pre Trial Services (702) 455-3462

Inmate ID number may be obtained from In-Custody site.