Volunteer Opportunities

NJC Volunteer Application

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”
Muhammad Ali

The NJC has been most fortunate through the years to have been on the receiving end of services provided by a team of dedicated, skilled volunteers who share Ali’s philosophy. Our deep wish is to grow this pool of expert volunteers through recruitment and training, which in turn will enable the NJC to expand our presence and further cement our purpose in the community.  Please review the following to learn more about volunteer opportunities at the NJC, and feel free to contact the NJC Volunteer Coordinator at 702-455-3898 for further information.

Minimum Requirements

The NJC’s volunteer mediators come from a variety of backgrounds that include,but not limited, to attorneys, a retired Administrative Law judge, realtors, students, and homemakers. They range in age from 21 to 87. What they share is a desire to assist others in resolving disputes. Becoming a mediator is a challenging and rewarding choice.

Application Process

To become a volunteer mediator you must complete an application, pass a background check, which includes full fingerprinting, and an interview.  Upon acceptance, volunteers must also complete a volunteer contract.  While obtaining the necessary fingerprint and background checks, you may begin the internship process.


Interns begin by observing 4-6 mediations at the NJC. This provides the opportunity to question the process we use as well as observe a variety of mediation styles and techniques.

After the observation, interns will co-mediate a minimum of 4-6 cases with an experienced staff mediator who will give them feedback and support.  After co-mediating, a staff mediator will observe interns conducting a minimum of 4-6 mediations.  Following each observed mediation, feedback on areas of strength and where improvement is needed will be given. 

Once the staff mediator determines the intern is ready to conduct solo mediations, the intern will be approved to become a new volunteer mediator. 


Requirements for Basic Mediation Credentialing
  •     40 hours - Basic Mediation Training    2023 Training Calendar
  •     A minimum of three (3) mediation observations.
  •     A minimum of four (4) mentored mediations (co-mediations).
      NOTE: You can do as many observations and/or mentored mediations as you like.

To maintain credentialing as a NJC volunteer, you are required to conduct a minimum of 6 mediations within the calendar year following training. NJC mediators must also complete a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education classes annually and a refresher training every two years. Relevant trainings received outside of the NJC may be considered towards the continuing education hours.