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UNLV Boyd School of Law Mediation Clinic

Mediation is increasingly utilized by practicing attorneys as an alternative to the expensive and lengthily litigation process.  Mediation is frequently incorporated in a clinic or practicum format for law students in order to provide them with training and real life experience in this alternative dispute resolution process.

Thomas & Mack Legal Clinic at the Boyd School of Law is one of the top-ranked clinical law programs in the nation.  In the Mediation Clinic, students mediate a range of disputes, helping parties communicate and explore mutually beneficial resolutions. Law students may complete an intensive training in mediation skills with the Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center (NJC), which includes theories of conflict, negotiation strategy, and mediation techniques.

Law students are exposed to different models of mediation to gain an understanding of how to adjust their mediation approach according to the setting they are in and the clients with whom they are working. Students observe mediations and have the opportunity to conduct mediations at the NJC. Students participate in the clinic for one or two semesters. More information about the Mediation Clinic is available at Lydia.nussbaum@unlv.edu