Community Mediation

The Neighborhood Justice Center’s (NJC) community mediation process provides Clark County residents the opportunity to resolve disputes quickly and confidentially with the use of a trained mediator.  Mediators do not take sides or make decisions. Their role is to create an environment in which disputing parties have an alternative conflict resolution option to the expensive and often time consuming litigation process.

Community mediation, which is a voluntary process, may be a viable option for individuals experiencing many different types of disputes, with the exception of child custody, visitation, and/or parenting.  Community mediation requires disputing parties to actively work to achieve a meaningful resolution of their choosing.  They are ultimately in control of the outcome and can frequently come up with remedies that are better for them than court-based determinations.  Parties may have up to three two-hour mediation sessions in order to resolve their disputes.

The following is a list of some of the types of disputes that can be resolved through community mediation:

Animal Control

Animal Control departments throughout Clark County often refer neighbors to community mediation.  If you receive a referral from Animal Control, you will soon thereafter receive a letter from a NJC case manager informing you of the date and time of your mediation.  You will be directed to immediately contact the case manager to confirm your attendance.  Residents may also request community mediation before involving the animal control department. During the community mediation, the person being disturbed and the animal owner will discuss what has occurred and how it can be resolved.

Employment Issues

Does an employee have company property that needs to be returned? Is there a dispute regarding your pay that you would like to discuss with your employer? Employees or employers may request mediation.  We have been successful in mediating workplace conflict, severance pay disputes, and other employment disputes.

Property Damage

Is your wall being destroyed by a neighbor’s watering?  Have you had property that has been damaged by someone? Mediation can assist those involved in these types of disputes to determine an effective resolution and an opportunity to make plans to prevent future disputes.

Retailers’ Association Diversion (RAD) Program

RAD is a pre-adjudicatory petit larceny program.  It focuses on first-time retail theft offenders who are eligible for a Summons In Lieu of Arrest (SILA). These offenders are given an opportunity to contact the NJC, complete a self-assessment, and participate in a RAD mediation, which is a restorative justice process. The goal of the program is to divert first-time offenders from the court system by identifying the underlying causes of their criminal actions and referring them to housing, educational opportunities and support services.

The NJC works in collaboration with the Las Vegas Justice Court, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Southern Nevada Association of Retailers, which include Target, Walgreens, Smith Grocery, Kohl’s, the Clark County District Attorneys’ Office, and the Clark County Public Defender. The is to provide a positive systemic change resulting in less involvement of law enforcement and the criminal justice system in petit larceny cases. It also gives individuals a chance to resolve their shoplifting cases before criminal charges are filed.  As a result, they can move forward in life free of a criminal record.

Tenant/Landlord Issues

Do you have a problem with the return of a security deposit? Are habitability issues a problem? Would you like your tenant to leave the premises or retrieve their belongings? Mediation may help you to resolve these issues. Mediation can often provide the opportunity to resolve these issues without involvement of or further intervention from the court system. Tenants or landlords may request the services of the NJC.

Other Community Issues

Please contact our office with any other dispute you may experience. Our friendly staff will discuss the benefits of mediation and assist you in deciding if mediation is appropriate in your situation. Remember, the mediator does not decide who is right or wrong, or issue a decision. We do not provide mediation for child custody, visitation, and/or parenting issues, which are mediated through the Family Mediation Services Division of the Family Court.

How to get started?

Mediation may be ordered by the Court or requested by a member of the Community.  For matters that are currently being litigated, the case must be ordered to mediation by the judge presiding over the case. For all other disputes use the following procedure:

Call (702) 455-3898 or e-mail to

  • A case manager will contact you.
  • If both parties agree, a mediation session will be scheduled.