Misdemeanor Treatment Court


The Las Vegas Justice Court Misdemeanor Treatment Court Program is geared to reduce recidivism by utilizing judicial supervision of low level misdemeanor offenders, in addition to, addressing quality of life needs by coordination of services that address substance use treatment, education, employment, medical and disability challenges thus preventing future recidivism. We encourage broad involvement, participation and partnership by non-profit providers, government social services, community groups and all justice partners. We are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect. 

Eligibility Criteria
The Las Vegas Justice Court Misdemeanor Treatment Court Program was developed as an option for individuals having been charged with low-level, quality of life misdemeanor offenses who also have a current Substance Use Disorder diagnosis. Defendants with a history of arson, predatory behavior, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, selling a controlled substance, listed on the Sexual Offender 3 Registry, or those defendants with a documented history of multiple violent offenses are not accepted into the program.

Misdemeanor Treatment Court is a Voluntary 9 Month, Sober Program 

Mandatory Requirements:
    • Mandatory 50 Hours Community Service
    • Detox, Monitoring, Drug Testing, Sober Living and Counseling Provided through Grant Funding with Court Supervision.
May also include:
    • Birth Certificate and Nevada ID
    • State of Nevada Benefits (if qualified)
      • Medicaid/Medicare and Food Stamps
    • Assistance in navigating Individual Medical, Dental and Mental Health Needs
    • Referrals for Mental Health Evaluation/Substance Use Evaluation, Self-Improvement Groups, Peer to Peer Mentorin
    • Employment/Education Assistance or Social Security/Disability Assistance 
    • If Homeless, Defendant's will be Referred to the Homeless Housing Queue and Check In Regularly
Court hearings are held at the Community Impact Center Tuesday’s at 2:00 pm