Small Claims FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to sue someone, should I file a Small Claims case?
Do I need to send a Demand Letter?
  • No, they is no requirement that you send a demand letter as long as you have previous made a demand for the amount. This can be done verbally, via email, text or a letter.
How do I file a Small Claims Complaint?
How do I serve my Small Claims Complaint?
How do I file a continuance for my Small Claims Trial?
Can I appear virtually for my hearing?
What will happen at my Small Claims Trial?
Can someone else appear on my behalf?
  • No, someone else cannot appear on your behalf. Only an attorney can represent you in Court.
Can an attorney appear with me in Court?
  • Yes, you can have legal counsel present with you in Court.
Can I bring witnesses to Court?
How do I collect on my Judgment?
How much time do I have to file a Small Claims Appeal?
A Default Judgment was entered against me, what can I do?
Where do I submit my exhibits for my trial?
  • You can email your exhibits prior to the trial to or bring them the day of trial. Make sure you bring a copy of the exhibits to the trial and ensure you have copies for the Court, the Defendant, and yourself.
Where do I get forms for Small Claims cases?