Other Types of Protection Order Motions

The Applicant or adverse party may file additional motions on a Protection Order case. Once a motion is filed, it is sent to the Judge to either Grant or Deny the Motion and issue an Order or to set the matter for Hearing.

If an adverse party (the person against whom protection is sought) wishes to file any motion, the adverse party must also complete and submit with the motion a Confidential Protection Order Information Sheet (For Use By Adverse Party).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only the Applicant can withdraw the Application for a protection order.

Protection Order Motion Form is available for persons to use to request to:

  • Withdraw the Protection Order Application (prior to a decision being made)
  • Dissolution of Order for Protection (after a Protection Order is granted)
  • Modification of Order for Protection (for any correction or change to a Granted Order)
  • Enforcement of the Protection Order (if the adverse party violates the Protection Order, the Applicant should call the Police in addition to filing a Motion to Hold Adverse Party in Contempt of Court)
  • Other Relief