Application for Protection Order

You have the right to proceed without a lawyer if you are seeking a Protection Order.

Protection Order Forms:

Click here for a list of the protection order forms that are available, free of charge, at the Civil Law Self-Help Center.

Completing the Form

Please complete ALL sections of the forms to provide the Judge all information needed to evaluate the application. If documents are missing or incomplete, review of the application may be delayed or the application may be rejected.

The application may be typed or handwritten. If you hand-write your application, make sure that the information is readable. Contain your written information to the face of the application and within the margins. If the application is not readable, it may be rejected or the review may be delayed.

Filing the Confidential Protection Order Information Sheet

Applicants for a protection order must also complete a Confidential Protection Order Information Sheet detailing information about themselves and each adverse party being filed against. This information is provided to law enforcement agencies to better enable service and enforcement. If the protection order is to include more than just you, you will need to complete a Confidential Protection Order Information Sheet for each person for whom you are seeking protection.

Other Documents that may need to be Filed

If the Applicant has supporting documentation, such as police reports, to be considered at the time of the, the Applicant must also file:

  • Notice of Filing Exhibits

The Court cannot accept any documents with full Social Security Numbers or full Credit Card Numbers or copies of Driver's Licenses.  Please make sure that any personal information that you do not want part of the public record, including full Social Security Numbers, is crossed out with a black felt tip pen.

Exhibits may be documents, CD's, DVD's, tapes, or other recorded media. If the Judge does not have the hardware or machines to view or hear the exhibits presented, they may not consider them in their decision.

Effective/Enforceable When Served

Protection Orders are NOT approved until it has been reviewed by a Judge. The Protection Order becomes enforceable ONLY WHEN IT IS SERVED on the Adverse Party(s) and is effective only for a period of 30 days.

Exception: Harassment in the Workplace Protection Orders are immediately effective and are only issued for a period of 15 days or less.