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General Information

Location of Las Vegas Justice Court Offices

 1st Floor  2nd Floor
 Courtroom 1A  Administration
 Courtroom 1B  Civil Clerk's Customer Service
 Pretrial Services  Criminal Clerk's Customer Service
 Traffic Division  
 4th Floor  
 Court Education   
 6th Floor  
 Courtroom 6A  
 7th Floor  8th Floor
 Courtroom 7A  Courtroom 8A
 Courtroom 7B  Courtroom 8B
 Courtroom 7C  Courtroom 8C
 Courtroom 7D  Courtroom 8D

Interpreter Services
If you are NON-ENGLISH speaking and are appearing for either a criminal or traffic case, a translator will be provided for you. If you are appearing for a Small Claims case, Civil, or Landlord-Tenant dispute, you SHOULD bring a translator with you when you appear at the Clerk's Office, or for your Court appearance.  Information about translators for court appearances, may be obtained from the District Court Interpreter's Office at (702) 455-4279.


Business Hours & Holidays - Telephone Directory

Regional Justice Center
200 Lewis Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101