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Las Vegas Justice Court Township

Las Vegas Justice Court Township is a limited jurisdiction court and the caseload is restricted to particular types of cases or actions prescribed by the Nevada Revised Statues.  Las Vegas Justice Court determines whether felony and gross misdemeanor cases have enough evidence to be bound over to District Court for trial.  The court hears misdemeanor non-traffic cases as well as general civil cases (amounts up to $10,000), small claims (up to $10,000), summary eviction cases, and requests for temporary protective orders (domestic violence or stalking and harassment).

Chapter 4 of the Nevada Revised Statues pertains to the jurisdiction of Justice Courts.

The Justice Court Rules of Civil Procedure (JCRCP) govern civil actions, small-claims actions, and summary-eviction actions in all Justice Courts of Nevada. 

The Justice Court Rules for the Las Vegas Township (JCRLV) are local rules that are specific to the Las Vegas Justice Court.  These rules govern civil actions, small-claims actions, summary-eviction actions, unlawful-detainer actions, and protection-order (TPO) actions.  These rules also regulate structural aspects of the Las Vegas Justice Court, including the authority of the Chief Judge, the Court’s hours of operation, and methods of case assignment.

The 15 Justices of the Peace are elected and serve within the townships in which they reside.  The Justices of the Peace are elected for six year terms and the respective departments are as follows:
 Chief Judge Suzan Baucum   Department 13 
Judge Elana Lee Graham   Department 1
 Judge Joseph S. Sciscento   Department 2
 Judge Harmony Letizia   Department 3
 Judge Melissa A. Saragosa   Department 4
 Judge Cynthia Cruz   Department 5
 Judge Rebecca Kern   Department 6
 Judge Karen P. Bennett-Haron   Department 7
 Judge Ann E. Zimmerman   Department 8
  Judge Joe M. Bonaventure   Department 9
 Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson   Department 10
 Judge Eric A. Goodman   Department 11
 Judge Diana L. Sullivan   Department 12
 Judge Amy Chelini   Department 14
Judge Melisa De La Garza   Department 15

Las Vegas Justice Court Administrative structure includes the following:
  Justice Court Administrator/Deputy Clerk   
  Staff Attorney  Joe Tommasino

Divisions within Las Vegas Justice Court include:
   Civil Division
   Criminal Division
   Neighborhood Justice Center  
   Traffic Division
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